Subtly organic fine healing gem jewelry made in 14k, 18k gold, and sterling silver... Inspired by the beautiful things in life

Brenda Burdette designs her pieces in her Newport Beach, California studio where she can see the glimmer of the ocean from her window.  Each piece is meticulously handcrafted using ancient jewelry-making techniques, but in a modern, fresh way:  Sometimes the stones are set upside down or the stones are cut or set in unexpected ways to create pieces for women who want beautiful, organic looking jewelry that can be layered for that California "beach chic" look.

Brenda chooses each stone, not only for the healing properties long-associated with them, but because of the imperfections that give each stone character and beauty.   She, like many people throughout the ages and across many civilizations, believes that people naturally gravitate to the stones that they need most, the ones that will heal and protect them.  While Brenda Burdette Jewelry can't promise cures, the designer believes deeply in the transformative power of beautiful jewelry.   

Brenda started designing & making jewelry as a way to relieve stress from a high-pressure job as a news reporter/anchor.  The beauty of the stones and the meditative nature of making the pieces, combined with a yoga practice, immediately transformed her world. Brenda started with simple, beaded pieces, but soon her passion for jewelry-making took her to all corners of the world to learn from some of the most acclaimed jewelry artists.    

At a yoga retreat, her teacher asked her to honor her ancestors, it was then that she realized jewelry-making was indeed a way to do this; her paternal grandfather had been a watchmaker and her maternal grandmother sold beautiful gold, diamond, emerald & ruby jewelry from her home...   Brenda decided to leave the fast-paced world of television news and create a slower, more beautiful life; one devoted to her jewelry. To this day Brenda uses tools handed down to her that her grandfather used nearly a century ago. 

Brenda Burdette Jewelry is made with recycled gold & silver whenever possible.  Brenda is committed to helping end child sexual exploitation by donating to ECPAT (End Exploitation, Prostitution and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes) and Freedom Firm.


Diamonds are believed to bring bonding, cohesion, love and clarity to relationships.

Pearls are believed to bring wisdom and contentment.

Labradorite is believed to increase intuition, stimulate creativity and invite calm & harmony.

Pink Tourmaline is believed to balance emotional and intellectual perspectives and open the heart to love.

Moss Agate is believed to increase confidence, optimism & communication.

Morganite is the stone of unconditional love.  It helps attract and maintain love.

Rutilated Quartz is believed to symbolize truth, remove mental blocks and increase prosperity.

Chalcedony is believed to bring about calmness and composure.  The stone of purity & concentration.

Amethyst is believed to alleviate migraines, improve concentration & confidence.

Amazonite is believed to lift spirits, calm moods & promote joy of life.

Agate is believed to bring prosperity, help determine true friends & offer protection.

Rock Crystal is believed to removed mental blocks, promote a sense of justice and have a calming effect.

Turquoise is believed to bring happiness, contentment & success.

Citrine is believed to bring self-confidence & determination.

Moonstone is believed to stimulate love & sensitivity and bring inner harmony.

Tanzanite is believed to help develop intuition, communication skills & spiritual life.